Toxic Theme by jimothykirk

static preview / code


  • 250px posts
  • post shadows
  • three custom links
  • glowing links on hover
  • sidebar and side images
  • custom text
  • description that scrolls
  • a search link
  • lots of custom colors

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Tiny Theme by jimothykirk

static preview / code


  • 250px posts
  • four drop-down links
  • a main link that includes home, ask, submit and archive links
  • a search link
  • customizable colors 
  • a small sidebar meant for a pixel
  • a movable and resizable side image

i spent a lot of time on this theme so there shouldn't be any glitches, but if you do find one please let me know

please like or reblog if using, don't remove credit and contact me if you have any questions or concerns. enjoy!

Theme Pack #2 by Lachowskii

All themes are 500px in post width except for theme Paradise is in post width of 400px. All themes have tooltips, lazy load, optional captions and visible post info + tags etc. Each theme gives you the option to input your own title.

Theme 10: Overgrown - Static Preview // Code
Theme 11: Strong - Static Preview // Code
Theme 12: Paradise - Static Preview // Code
Theme 13: Secular - Static Preview // Code
Theme 14: Tragic - Static Preview // Code

Description for all themes and features can be found on every theme static preview and on the themeage page over @ my theme blog. All themes are optimized for google chrome and firefox. Webkit scrollbar doesn’t show in Firefox. Enjoy.

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Keep credit intact on all themes, no using as base or redistributing.


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  • requested by anonymous


So i decided to try to make some textures from my own photography, and this is the result! The pack contains 12 hq textures made by myself. If you wanna use them, some simple rules first:

  • This is my own photography so I’d rather not have you claim these as your own or use them in your own texture packs
  • Please like or reblog if you download it :)
  • Credit is not necessary
  • Besides all of that, have fun! 
  • Download (zip)


01. HOW TO: Reblog Yourself
02. HOW TO: Change An Image’s Opacity
03. HOW TO: Create A Drop In Recommend Box
04. HOW TO: Enable Your Ask Box
05. HOW TO: Use A Favicon
06. HOW TO: Reblog A Link
07. HOW TO: Create Block Navigation
08. HOW TO: Get A Fixed Header
09. HOW TO: Get A Pop-Up Welcome Message
10. HOW TO: Get A Pop-Up Exit Message
11. HOW TO: Use A Dash-Theme
12. HOW TO: Redirect URLS
13. HOW TO: Create A Custom Domain Name
14. HOW TO: Allow Replies To Posts
15. HOW TO: Put Music On Your Tumblr
16. HOW TO: Track Someone’s IP ADDRESS
17. HOW TO: See Who Unfollows You
18. HOW TO: Get Accordian Links
19. HOW TO: Get A Chatbox
20. HOW TO: Creating & Tagging A “Favorites” Page
21. HOW TO: Creating A New Page
22. HOW TO: Get A Tumblr Tag Cloud

01. HTML Code: Changing The Bold, Italic, Underline
02. HTML Code: Infinite Scrolling
03. HTML Code: Auto Pager
04. HTML Code: fading effect for links
05. HTML Code: site visitor counter
06. HTML Code: site hit counter
07. HTML Code: Basic Codes
08. HTML Code: Scroll Box
09. HTML Code: Ask Box Code
10. HTML Code: Drop Down Menu
11. HTML Code; Drop Down Navigation
12. HTML Code: Recommend Button
13. HTML Code: Snow Effect
14. HTML Code: Bubbles Cursor
15. HTML Code: Create Tabbed Links
16. HTML Code: Sparkle Cursor: One Color
17. HTML Code: Sparkle Cursor: Two Colors
18. HTML Code: Image Mapping Code
19. HTML Code: Background Image in Tumblr Posts
20. HTML Code: Faded Text
21. HTML Code: Fireworks Effect
22. HTML Code: Create Rounded Edges
23. HTML Code: Shadow Behind DIVS
24. HTML Code: Cursor Text Trail
25. HTML Code: Custom Cursor Images
26. HTML Code: Rotating Posts On Mouse Over
27. HTML Code: RARE Title Header Code

Theme Pack by aeternothemes/gryffindour

Theme #10: Darkness ( preview white - preview black - code )

”Inspired by Amelia Pond on flesh and stone episode, alone in the dark

  • I made this theme thinking of a black background but you can customize as you like it
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • Optional pop up ask and menu ( 2nd and 4th link )
  • Option for top or bottom ( preview ) sidebar, make sure you only select one
  • Option to show/not show captions ( only on permalink page )
  • Optional hover tags
  • Optional sidebar image
  • 4 customizable links
  • Tooltip included

Theme #11: Wonderland ( preview - code )

”Inpired on Alice’s adventures on wonderland, both film and animation”

  • Fixed header
  • Very cool header effect, when you hover the title description and links appears
  • Square links with customizable colors
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • Optional hover tags
  • Optional pop up ask and menu, same as theme #10
  • Option to only show captions on permalink page
  • 4 links and tooptip included
  • Optional Lazy Load

+ check the html hotties/ the theme gang/ thecodersclub for more awesome themes

Please like or reblog if using it/planning to, theme releated questions can be asked here



Template #57 by pstemplates

  • Please like or reblog if you take
  • Please do NOT claim as your own or take credit

PSD #8 by Seunmilk 

Suited for Dark scenes in Naruto

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theme 3   l  live preview / code link

theme info:

- lazy load

- tooltips

- 400/500px posts

- 4 custom links