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hello this is pam and i post my resources here.

+ LIVE PREVIEW (code is in the preview)
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  • 150 x 150 px sidebar image
  • 3 default links and 3 custom links
  • 400 px posts
  • tags only appear in the permalink page
  • the “ask” link doesn’t redirect you to /ask. instead, it links you to another page with the ask box in it. please don’t forget to put your url in the “blogurl” box. :)
this is my first theme after being on hiatus for months. my old themes are still available and you can find them on my blog. enjoy!


Theme 13

{Live Preview | Code} (hover permalink)
{Live Preview | Code} (permalink under posts)


  • 250/400/500 post sizes (make sure you check only one)
  • Hover Permalink / Permalink Under Posts
  • Infinite scrolling
  • 6 extra links
  • Hover Fade Images Option
  • Fade Images Option
  • Black or White Audio Player option (make sure you check only one)
  • Invert Follow and Dashboard Buttons option
  • Show/Hide Captions
  • Show/Hide Tags
  • Show/Hide Hover Tags
  • Cute Cursor
  • Position Sidebar Option
  • Optional Sidebar Img
  • Optional Sidebar Img Rounded
  • Optional Sidebar Links Hover
  • Optional Back to Top button
  • Optional Post Border
  • Optional Title

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theme 24 - solstice by melodypcnd

preview & code

  • 500px posts and a header with 5 customizable tabs
  • I will not be releasing a regular links version of this theme, nor will I help you convert them to regular links!
  • description located in first tab, you can add other text to the rest
  • HERE is a guide for how to use the tabs :)

more links: my themestheme networksupport

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Subtle Patterns (125x125px)


  • live preview - code
  • sidebar image is 220px
  • 3 custom links
  • hover tags
  • endless scrolling option
  • lazy load option

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I made some Naruto icons  for all your icon needs (^・ω・^ )

there are 35 icons in total, Mostly Sakura with some other random ones!

Examples ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚


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Some watercolor textures i never posted but they might be useful to you!

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psd #09 by obbitopsds  - download

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  • Do not repost or claim as your own
i want italena headers please

that ship sucks ass

hello yes i am requestion 1000 pics of hinata hyuga thanks

1000 pics

i aint a slave, aye uwu

i made these

if  u want them different tell me!!